Using Fabric Markers To Draw Palm Trees On A Shirt

A couple of months ago I used fabric markers to draw palm trees on a shirt, and I like how it turned out. I have washed the shirt several times since I drew the palm trees on it, and it has held up quite well.

The photos above illustrate what the palm trees look like that I drew on the purple shirt with fabric markers.

Continuing the Outline Sketch Of The Pinnacles

Over the last few days I have continued adding to my outline sketch of the Pinnacles up in the San Bernardino Mountains.



Below is the video I created that documents the progress I am making on the outline sketch. I have always enjoyed gazing at the large boulders out at the Pinnacles, and these will be fun to paint when I have completed my sketch.



A few months ago I painted a picture of a few large boulders near a turn out on the Rim of the World Highway. The San Bernardino Mountains is a location that often inspires many of my art projects. The Pinnacles painting will continue in this theme of paintings I have created with large boulders, and San Bernardino Mountain themes.

The poster of my painting is available purchase over on Zazzle, and you can buy it there by following the picture above to the Zazzle website.