Painting The Palm Tree Card

At first I thought I was going to just use colored pencils on the palm tree card, but I then started using an oil pastel, and then I used a bit of oil to give it a painted effect.  Next, I decided to use a bit of acrylic paint, and the card illustration evolved into a painting from there.

Drawing The Background


In the photograph above I am drawing the background for the palm tree before filling in the illustration.  The glued on palm tree cut-out will help to give more dimension to this illustration, even after I paint it.


Coloring In The Sky


In the photograph above I started coloring in the sky around the palm tree with a blue oil pastel crayon.


Coloring In The Palm Fronds



I used oil and a paint brush to blend together white and blue oil pastels, and give these a painted effect.


Painting The Fronds of The Palm Tree



In this stage of the painting I shaded in the fronds of the palm tree with two shades of green acrylic paint.


The video shows a speed motion of my drawing the outline on the card, and then filling this in with paint.

Painting The Fronds


The water of the ocean was painted in with dark and light blue acrylic paint, and the white paint was used to create the waves.

Painting In The Trunk of The Palm Tree


Here I have begun to paint in the palm tree with gray and black paints, and also the small rocks along the shoreline.


The Painted Palm Tree Card


Above is the completed painting of the palm tree next to the ocean.  I enjoy painting palm trees, and I will paint more in the future.


The video shows how the completed card turned out.

Making A Palm Tree Cut-Out

Palm Tree Cut-Out

This palm tree cut-out was made by hand for a card that I am illustrating. First, I folded a sheet of paper in half, and then I drew half of the palm tree along the crease line of the paper. I cut out the half palm tree and ended up with a palm tree that was congruent on both sides. Not all palm trees are exactly symmetrical in nature, but I thought it would be fun to make a palm tree cut out like this for a card.


The video above illustrates what the palm tree looks like after I cut it out of the paper.

Gluing The Palm Tree To The Card


In the photograph above I glued the paper palm tree cut-out to the handmade card.