The Completed Cross Stitch Palm Tree Project

I used lavender colored embroidery floss to cross stitch my initials on the bottom portion of the palm tree design.


After adding the initials I continued to cross stitch the blue sky in around the tree and the letters.

The final cross stitch project was completed once I had finished filling in the sky with the light blue colored embroidery floss.

The video of the completed cross stitch palm tree illustrates how a free style projects turns out when you simply have drawn a stitching outline on aida cloth.

Cross Stitching In The Sky Around The Palm Tree

After I cross stitched in the palm tree, I created a blue border to keep the cut aida cloth from unraveling where I had cut it out.  Next time I will create a border around the cut piece of cloth to prevent this from happening.

Cross stitching in the sky around the palm tree is a very time oriented task, but I feel like I am finally, but slowly, coloring in the sky with cloth.  Since I also love to create are with colored pencils, I do find similarities between this and cross stitching.

More of the sky is being cross stitched in around the trees.

It was quite exciting when I got to the point that there was only a small triangle left to cross stitch on the bottom right hand portion of the sky.   Getting near the end of this cross stitching project is quite fulfilling, and it is exhilarating to know this piece is based on a drawing that I created myself.   So if you enjoy cross stitching, just keep in mind it is possible to design your own pieces.