W Is For My Finished Waikiki Colored Pencil Drawing

Today the letter W is for my finished Waikiki colored pencil drawing. If you have read my previous blog posts you already know I love to create Hawaiian inspired art, so is it any surprise I drew another picture of Waikiki Beach? This one is based on a photograph I took during an early morning walk along the shores of Waikiki.



I have finally completed my sketch of Waikiki, and I really like how it turned out.


In this video I discuss how I created my sketch of Waikiki Beach, which is based on my early morning photograph. Of course I change up some of the details in my illustration because that make the process more fun.

V Is For The View of Hesperia Drawing

Today the letter V is for the view of Hesperia drawing, as seen from the San Bernardino Mountains.


Drawing of The San Bernardino Mountains

Here is the completed colored pencil illustration of the view of Hesperia as seen from the San Bernardino Mountains. This drawing has a quite a bit of nostalgia for me because it reminds me of a view I looked at every day when I was growing up. The video below is a speed motion of the last touches I added to the illustration of this mountain landscape.

Going up to the San Bernardino Mountains is like traveling back in time, and I am fortunate to still live very close. Have you ever drawn a location that reminds you of home?

U Is For Looking Up And Coloring In The Sky

Today the letter U is for looking up and coloring in the sky.  Here are the sky portions of a few of the drawings I have created over the years.

Colored Pencil Drawing of Diamond  Head

For my colored pencil drawing of Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach I created a bright blue sky.

Framed Drawing of The Santa Fe Depot In Redlands

For my colored pencil drawing of the Santa Fe Depot in Redlands I created a light blue sky above the palm tree, which towers over the depot.

The Jack-o-Lantern Drawing

For my whimsical jack-o-lantern drawing I created a bronzey colored sky above the silver tinged terra firma.  Coloring in the sky in my illustrations always is very soothing because I can make long strokes with the colored pencil, and I find it to be more therapeutic than going on a shopping spree.