N Is For Drawing Natasha The Dog

A drawing of my Husky dog Natasha.
A drawing of my Husky dog Natasha.

Here is the finished colored pencil drawing of my dog Natasha. I love how the dark blue patches on Natasha’s fur coat ended up blending in with the mountains in the background. Drawing picture for your own wall can be a very rewarding and enriching experience.

M Is For Making Ghost Ornaments

Today the Letter M is for making ghost ornaments, which is fun craft to do create around Halloween.

When it comes to crafting I always like to save money by using supplies that I already have on hand, such as toilet paper and paper tissue from packages. This Halloween I thought it would be fun to share the simple ghost craft I learned how to make when I was in second grade when I was younger. All you have to do is take some toilet paper, or tissue paper, and fold it into a ghostly shape! Use a ribbon to tie the tissue together, and then use a marker to draw on the eyes, nose, and mouth. This is a simple and easy way to make ghostly decorations that you could hang from your wall or window around Halloween.

L Is For The Labor Day Card

Today the Letter L is for making a Labor Day card. Here is a Labor Day card I made back in September of 2009 with some markers and a pencil. Labor Day cards are easy to make, and all you need is white card stock and red and blue markers for filling in the flag stripes drawn on the card with pencil. Fun fact: Labor Day in the US and Canada is on first Monday in September, but in the rest of the world is often celebrated on May 1.