Making A Happy New Year Card

I created a Happy New Year Card with a drawing of Mount Baldy and a palm tree, so this card had a Southern California theme. To make the New Year card I folded a sheet of paper into a quarter-fold card, and I drew a picture of Mount Baldy with a palm tree on the front. The photos and videos below illustrate how I created my card from start to finish. Anyone can create a festive, and regionally relevant, New Year Card on a budget, which is why I drew a picture of Southern California scene on a card I made out of a blanket sheet of paper. The only cost for this card making project was the blank piece of paper since I already had the drawing pencils and colored pencils in my art supplies.

Making The New Year Card

First, I drew the picture for my New Year card, which is a landscape with Mount Baldy.

Making The New Year Card

Next, I finish adding the text to the front of my card, and then sketch a palm tree in the foreground. This New Year card has a very Southern California theme.

Make A New Year Card

In this phase of the drawing I colored in the sky with a deco aqua Prismacolor pencil, and I am quite sad I am at the end of this colored pencil.  Yes, I have vowed to use up the end of my economy colored pencils before buying any more Prismacolor pencils, of which I still have a few.

Make A New Year Card

Here I am beginning to color in the peaks of Mount Baldy, which I am shading in with a violet-blue Prismacolor pencil.

Make A New Year Card

I continued shading in the peaks of Mount Baldy, and around the hand drawn text of “Happy New Year”.

Make A Happy New Year Card

In this photo I have finished coloring in Mount Baldy and around the text.

Make A Happy New Year Card

Here I am beginning to color in the palm tree in the foreground next to the “Happy New Year” text>

Make A Happy New Year Card

Now the palm tree is completely shaded in.

Make A Happy New Year Card

A maroon colored crayon was used to color in the “Happy New Year” text of the card. I hope you enjoy the beginning of 2013, and have fun crafting!

Continuing the Outline Sketch Of The Pinnacles

Over the last few days I have continued adding to my outline sketch of the Pinnacles up in the San Bernardino Mountains.



Below is the video I created that documents the progress I am making on the outline sketch. I have always enjoyed gazing at the large boulders out at the Pinnacles, and these will be fun to paint when I have completed my sketch.



A few months ago I painted a picture of a few large boulders near a turn out on the Rim of the World Highway. The San Bernardino Mountains is a location that often inspires many of my art projects. The Pinnacles painting will continue in this theme of paintings I have created with large boulders, and San Bernardino Mountain themes.

The poster of my painting is available purchase over on Zazzle, and you can buy it there by following the picture above to the Zazzle website.

Drawing A Jack-o-Lantern

Here is the jack-o-lantern that I drew with pencil and crayons.

First, I sketched out the form of the jack-o-lantern.

The darker hues of orange are used to create the ridges in the pumpkin, and lighter shades of orange were used to create the highlights.  I colored my jack-o-lantern in with a very cheap art supplies, which are crayons!

This video illustrates how I began coloring in the pumpkin.

During this phase in the drawing, I have almost finished adding the lighter orange highlights to my little pumpkin.

In this phase of the drawing I am coloring in the stem with green and brown crayons.

In the video, I am coloring in the eyes, nose, and mouth of Mr. Jack-o-Lantern with a black crayon.

Here is how the completed jack-o-lantern turned out.  The background table the jack-o-lantern sits on is silver, and the wall in the background was created with a copper colored crayon.