Creating An Outline For The View of Mount Baldy Painting

I plan on painting the view of Mount Baldy, as seen from the San Bernardino Mountains. A lot of painters just like to grab their brushes and create the entire composition, but I prefer working with an outline. This view shows pilot rock right in front of Mount Baldy, and the tree laden mountains in the foreground. Next, I shall be painting in this outline sketch.

Outline Drawing For The Pinnacles

Drawing A Picture of Irina The Cat

I finally finished my drawing of Irina the cat, and this blog will document the progress from start to finish.

Drawing Irina The Cat

First I drew Irina’s body and then sketched in her fur.

Drawing Irina The Cat

Behind Irina I began drawing in a moon since she is sitting next to the window with a view of the night sky.


It was quite exciting to realize I had reached the half-way point with color in the sky directly behind Irina with a blue violet colored pencil.  The twinkling stars in the night sky consisted of a bronze colored pencil that I used to create these formations.

Drawing Irina The Cat

A cherry colored pencil was used to shade in the table where Irina the cat was perched.

Drawing of Irina the Cat

It was quite exciting to be almost finished with the drawing as I completed filling in the region around Irina’s legs.

Drawing Irina The Cat

The completed drawing of Irina the cat turned out pretty well, and I was quite excited to finally select a frame of the illustration I have been working on for the last few days.

The Completed Cross Stitch Palm Tree Project

I used lavender colored embroidery floss to cross stitch my initials on the bottom portion of the palm tree design.


After adding the initials I continued to cross stitch the blue sky in around the tree and the letters.

The final cross stitch project was completed once I had finished filling in the sky with the light blue colored embroidery floss.

The video of the completed cross stitch palm tree illustrates how a free style projects turns out when you simply have drawn a stitching outline on aida cloth.