Creating An Outline For The View of Mount Baldy Painting

I plan on painting the view of Mount Baldy, as seen from the San Bernardino Mountains. A lot of painters just like to grab their brushes and create the entire composition, but I prefer working with an outline. This view shows pilot rock right in front of Mount Baldy, and the tree laden mountains in the foreground. Next, I shall be painting in this outline sketch.

Outline Drawing For The Pinnacles

Making A Palm Tree Cut-Out

Palm Tree Cut-Out

This palm tree cut-out was made by hand for a card that I am illustrating. First, I folded a sheet of paper in half, and then I drew half of the palm tree along the crease line of the paper. I cut out the half palm tree and ended up with a palm tree that was congruent on both sides. Not all palm trees are exactly symmetrical in nature, but I thought it would be fun to make a palm tree cut out like this for a card.


The video above illustrates what the palm tree looks like after I cut it out of the paper.

Gluing The Palm Tree To The Card


In the photograph above I glued the paper palm tree cut-out to the handmade card.