Drawing A Picture of The San Bernardino Mountains: Part 2

This is second post on my art project of drawing a picture of the San Beranrdino Mountains.

Drawing The View of Hesperia

I began sketching in more of the trees on the mountains in the distance.

Drawing the San Bernardino Mountains


In this phase of the sketch I begin to add more details to the tree branches in the foreground.


This video is a speed version of my working on the drawing.



I will continue adding details to drawing in the next few posts, so come back to see how the illustration evolves.



The Heart Tree Valentine Card

The other day I decided to create a heart tree card for Valentine’s Day.


On the handmade card I drew a heart tree with Mount Baldy as the background.

Heart Tree Card

The sky was colored in with a lavendar colored pencil.

Heart Tree Card


In this phase of the drawing I colored in Mount Baldy with a violet-blue colored pencil.

Heart Tree Card

During this phase of the sketch I colored in the valley below Mount Baldy, and the area surrounding the heart tree.

Making A Heart Card


Here I have almost finished coloring in the foreground surrounding the heart tree, which is an abstract version of the palm trees that I see everyday.


The Heart Tree Card



The heart tree card is now complete.  It was a fun Valentine’s Day card illustration, and I hope this posts inspires you to create something that you find meaningful.  One of my favorite parts of this illustration is how I created white heart clouds in the sky, giving this card a whimiscal effect.  I hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!