Coloring In The Cursive Text Spring

Sometimes when I cannot get in the mood to draw, I like to create warm up exercises by coloring in my own cursive text. Today I wrote the word spring and I colored the letters in with pencil and the background with a sky blue crayon.

I colored in the text with a pencil and the background with a sky blue crayon.

The video above showcases how I made this spring cursive text, which is a fun craft to try. Everyone types on computers or phones these days, but how many people do you know who actually still write in cursive? Creating block cursive text is also useful for making a personalized handmade card.



2 Replies to “Coloring In The Cursive Text Spring”

  1. I like your attitude. and I, too, find that warm up exercises help to get in the mood for a more demanding, more complex project. I like your cursive spring text, and I enjoyed seeing you color the background.

    Even though I usually relish logical argumentation, sometimes it helps to get away from all that and do something that is both relaxing and enjoyable.

  2. I have no problem with people who discuss things logically, I just do not see that happening much lately. It does with some, but I just need a break from all that. Maybe I am just more geared towards artistic and crafty pursuits at the moment.

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