Drawing A Picture of The San Bernardino Mountains: Part 5

I am still working on the colored pencil drawing of the view of Hesperia as seen from the San Bernardino Mountains.

Drawing The View of Hesperia



At this point I am coloring in the view of Hesperia with the buildings and the 10 freeway in the distance.  As I think of the view of Hesperia as seen from the San Bernardino Mountains, I have many memories of looking down at the twinkling lights in the valley below.  These used to remind me of the sequins one of my Barbie’s dresses, which I named the city light dress.  The juxtaposition of wilderness to urbanity is the reality of the SoCal experience, especially if you live on the backside of the San Bernardino Mountains.  Images of my childhood are now being committed to artwork, and it just feels very deep to me, on many different levels.  So many people cried about how growing up in the mountains was boring, but I remember being mesmerized by the trees. I might not live in the mountains anymore, but I still live in Southern California and visit often.

Of course the many of the trees have died in canyon leading down towards Hesperia because of the bark beetle, so the view was not quite as clear of a view of Hesperia in 1984 when I was young and first decided my Barbie dress reminded me of the city lights.  Actually, you had to walk a bit farther down the street to see the view of the valley below.

Drawing The View of Hesperia From The San Bernardino Mountains

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