Drawing A Jack-o-Lantern

Here is the jack-o-lantern that I drew with pencil and crayons.

First, I sketched out the form of the jack-o-lantern.

The darker hues of orange are used to create the ridges in the pumpkin, and lighter shades of orange were used to create the highlights.  I colored my jack-o-lantern in with a very cheap art supplies, which are crayons!

This video illustrates how I began coloring in the pumpkin.

During this phase in the drawing, I have almost finished adding the lighter orange highlights to my little pumpkin.

In this phase of the drawing I am coloring in the stem with green and brown crayons.

In the video, I am coloring in the eyes, nose, and mouth of Mr. Jack-o-Lantern with a black crayon.

Here is how the completed jack-o-lantern turned out.  The background table the jack-o-lantern sits on is silver, and the wall in the background was created with a copper colored crayon.

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