G Is For Using The Grid Method To Draw

Today the letter G is for using the grid method to draw. Back in 2011 I used the grid method to illustrate how simple it is to draw a picture of your own cat. You can draw most any object on a grid, and this is a simple drawing technique for people who are overwhelmed with starting a new sketch.  The pictures below link to my old website, but the current one is the main url sweetbeariesart.com, and this one.

Scanned Version of My Cat Drawing
Here is what the scanned version of my drawing of Maxx looked like once I completed shading it in with markers.


I used my trusty flexi ruler to create a graph on the paper.  Next, I used my reference photograph as a guide for where to draw each part of Maxx on the grid paper.


Coloring My Drawing of Maxx
I used markers to color in Maxx, and to cover up the grid marks.

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    1. I almost never use the grid method, but I think it can be fun sometimes. It is a good project for people who want to draw something precise at a certain moment, but I actually sort of like art that is not always completely like real life.

  1. Hi! This is wonderful and a terrific demonstration! I am about as artistically inclined in this manner as a hammer, although I do play a mean viola! Your blog is beautiful and I will be visiting often. My late mother ”enjoyed” my paintings, up until her death at age 70, but they were still somewhat akin to what you’d find on the door of the ‘fridge! Maybe there’s hope for me yet! Thanks again. Mary, aka Viola Fury @ViolaFury #teamDamyanti

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