I Is For The Drawing of Irina The Cat



Today the letter I is for my drawing of Irina the cat, which is based on a photograph that I took of my sweet little black kitty.  Irina was a cat that I adopted because she had been abandoned in our apartment complex, and I could not resist seeing the poor little thing eating grass to survive. These days Irina is living the cat’s life sleeping under my bed, under the table, and anywhere else she feels like being at the moment.

This is the original photograph that the Irina the cat drawing is based on.

The video below illustrates what the Irina the cat drawing looked like as I was working on it.

8 Replies to “I Is For The Drawing of Irina The Cat”

  1. I am glad you adopted Irina. Cats cannot survive on grass! She is beautiful, and you capture her personality well.

    I cannot have cats as I am allergic to them. But I did see a cat hunting for mice on my property, and I feel good that I contribute to that cat’s diet by keeping my field natural.

    1. I think all stray cats who can should migrate to rural areas where they can live out their natural lives in fields. There are some stray cats around here that are males, and I think they probably eat mice or birds to survive in between strangers who give them occasional food. However, Irina was a little cat, and does not have the cat instincts to survive like some do. She cannot climb trees, and can barely jump a couple of feet. If we had not found her I do not think she would have lasted very long eating grass, and was probably so hungry she had no choice at the time.

    1. I would like to see what your Russian Blue looks like. I guess I will have to see if you have a picture of your cat over on your blog.

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