L Is For The Labor Day Card

Today the Letter L is for making a Labor Day card. Here is a Labor Day card I made back in September of 2009 with some markers and a pencil. Labor Day cards are easy to make, and all you need is white card stock and red and blue markers for filling in the flag stripes drawn on the card with pencil. Fun fact: Labor Day in the US and Canada is on first Monday in September, but in the rest of the world is often celebrated on May 1.

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    1. I did not want to get into the political side of it because in the past people got mad me for discussing politics, which I still do but not here, but the reason the US does not celebrate labor day on May 1 is because it is associated with International Workers Day, which is often something that communist groups supported in the past. The May pole tradition has been around for much longer than International Workers Day, though.

        1. I think it is wonderful which ever day workers are celebrated because to me they are the key players of society. Sorry to explain something you already knew :).

    1. Well I write letters to my friends, and it was used to write a letter on that particular day. I make cards based on what ever day it is on the calendar since I do old fashion letter writing. It is a pen pal thing, and a creative thing for me.

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