Make Glittery Christmas Ornaments

Make Two Glittery Christmas Ornaments

Christmas may almost be here, but there is still time to make glittery ornaments to put on the tree. Sparkly ornaments also make nice gifts, and the cost to make these is quite minimal. Actually, I used a red ribbon off a package to make the heart ornament below, which just goes to show how you can recycle materials to make something luminous for the Christmas tree.

Make A Glittery Heart Ornament:

Make a heart shape out of cardboard and wrap it in tinfoil.

Wrap Cardboard Heart In Tinfoil


Here are the steps for making the glittery heart ornament.

Step 1:

Draw and cut out a cardboard heart, and then wrap it in tinfoil.

Step 2:

Paint the heart shape with glitter glue.  Allow it to dry over night.

Step 3:

Paint over the glitter glue with glitter paint to give the ornament more luminosity, which will also secure the first coat of glitter glue a bit more.

Step 4:

Put the ornament aside, and allow it to dry another night.

Step 5:

Use a sewing needle to poke a hole through the heart ornament once all the glittery layers have completely dried.

Step 6:

Use a needle with a large eye to pull half of the ribbon through the hole.

Step 7:

Create a loop with the ribbon, which will allow the ornament to hang.

Glittery Heart Ornament

Now you have a glittery heart shaped ornament for Christmas, but this would also be a fun crafting project for Christmas.

Make A Glittery Christmas Stocking:

Make A Glittery Stocking Christmas Ornament

Make a glittery  Christmas stocking out of recycled junk mail, glitter glue, and glitter paint.  Here is inspiration on how to do it:

Step 1:

Draw a stocking form on junk mail, and then cut it out.

Step: 2

Paint glitter glue on the stocking and allow it to dry overnight.

Painting The Stocking With Glitter Paint

Step 3:

Apply a layer of glitter paint to the stocking, which will make it more luminous.  Allow the stocking form to dry overnight once again.

Step 4:

Use a glitter pen to add accents to the top of the stocking.

Adding Green And Red Glitter Accents To The Top of Stocking

Step 5:

Allow the stocking to dry for a few hours before adding the hook to hang it by.


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