Painting of Two Palm Trees And The San Bernardino Mountains

Painting Two Palm Trees And The San Bernardino Mountains


Today I finally finished painting the two palm trees and the San Bernardino Mountains composition with acrylic paints.  This painting is based on a photograph that I took back in February, and I truly enjoy creating artwork based where I live.

The palm trunks were painted in by mixing together white and back acrylic paint, and several layers were applied to give these dimension.


After I painted in the palm trunks, I used several shades of green acrylic paint to fill in the palm fronds.

The painting turned out iridescent and shiny, which is reminiscent of the sky and mountains sparkling on a sunny winter day after a large snow storm.

Painting The Palm Trees And The San Bernardino Mountains

After I finished the outline sketch of the two palm trees with the San Bernardino Mountains as a backdrop, I decided to paint in the background.  First, I under-painted the sky with a sparkly light blue color, and then I added a regular light blue acrylic paint.  Once that dried, I went back over this with the light blue sparkle paint so the sky would shine.

Next, I under-painted the San Bernardino Mountains with a mixture of purple and blue paint, to create the purple tone that is often spotted when these mountains are seen from a distance.  Next, I added splatters of white paint to create the look of snow, and then when over it with a light blue glitter paint to give the snow a luminous and sparkly effect.  I still have a lot to do to the painting, but it is progressing.  Now it is time to paint in the palm trees, but I sort of like the negative space the unpainted palm trees create.