Drawing A Jack-o-Lantern

Here is the jack-o-lantern that I drew with pencil and crayons.

First, I sketched out the form of the jack-o-lantern.

The darker hues of orange are used to create the ridges in the pumpkin, and lighter shades of orange were used to create the highlights.  I colored my jack-o-lantern in with a very cheap art supplies, which are crayons!

This video illustrates how I began coloring in the pumpkin.

During this phase in the drawing, I have almost finished adding the lighter orange highlights to my little pumpkin.

In this phase of the drawing I am coloring in the stem with green and brown crayons.

In the video, I am coloring in the eyes, nose, and mouth of Mr. Jack-o-Lantern with a black crayon.

Here is how the completed jack-o-lantern turned out.  The background table the jack-o-lantern sits on is silver, and the wall in the background was created with a copper colored crayon.

Drawing The Santa Fe Depot And A Palm Tree In Redlands

Today I created a drawing of the Santa Fe Depot and a palm tree that towers over this structure.  This is one of my favorite locations to photograph, and I decided to finally create a drawing of this historic location.  I truly wish the trains still came to the Santa Fe Depot in Redlands as it is a beautiful structure, and many of us would enjoy having the Metrolink expansion to this part of Southern California.


Santa Fe Depot In Redlands

The following photographs will illustrate how I created this colored pencil drawing of the Santa Fe Depot in Redlands from start to finish.

In the photograph above I have sketched in the roof and the columns of the Santa Fe Depot here in Redlands.  The palm tree is the next thing to be drawn in.

In this photograph I have sketched in more of the palm fronds on the tree towering above the Santa Fe Depot.

Here I finished drawing the a palm tree next to the Santa Fe Depot.

This video illustrated what the drawing looked like before I added the colored pencils.

In this phase of the illustration I am coloring in one of the palm fronds with light and dark green colored pencils. In this photo colored in the leaves on the frond with dark and light green colored pencils.

In this phase of the sketch I continued to color in the palm tree.

This video shows what the palm tree fronds looked like as I continued to color these in.

The palm tree looks a bit more three-dimensional after I have completed shading it in.

I used creamed colored pencils to begin coloring in the structure of the Santa Fe Depot.

In this video I am coloring in the blue sky around the structure of the Santa Fe Depot. I especially like how the cream colored columns look in contrast to the sky blue, and the verdant color of the palm tree fronds.

Here I have finished drawing my of the Santa Fe Depot, which I am getting ready to cut out.

Here is the framed drawing of the Santa Fe Depot with the palm tree towering over it.


This video shows how the drawing of the Santa Fe Depot loooks framed and hanging on the wall. This is a nice little piece of Southern California artwork that I have created all on my own, and which is based on my original photography.