Q Is For Making A Quarter-Fold Card

Quarter-fold card with an image of Hawaii that I drew on the front with pencil and colored pencil.

Today the letter Q is for making a quarter fold card. The card above is one I created with an image of a Hawaiian beach drawn on the front, and you can see the tutorial I created here.

Another quarter-fold card that I created had a picture of a Hawaiian sunset that I drew on the front.


I drew a Hawaiian sunset on this handmade quarter-fold card.

Quarter-fold cards are easy to create. Simply fold a sheet of paper in half, and then into a quarter to create the quarter fold card. I like drawing pictures on the front, and the video below illustrates how I created the Hawaiian sunset drawing on a quarter-fold card. Do you like drawing images on the front of cards?

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    1. I like to make my own cards, and draw pictures on the front, so that is why I do it this way. Of course if you have some pretty paper, that would make a beautiful quarter-fold card as well.

  1. Sweetbearies, Love your work! I always believe that there is a special touch to handmade work ~ the extra efforts put in and the creativity poured from the heart.

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