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Usually I write about photography on the blog I have allocated to this subject, but today I decided to post some of my photography here. Since my photography inspires the drawings, paintings, and cross stitches I create, I believe it is quite relevant on this blog as well. Last Saturday I actually remember to take my real camera with me, so I was able to capture some photos of my adventures. I paused for a moment when I was riding my bike to take this image of Mount San Gorgonio crowned with wispy clouds.

In the early morning Mount San Gorgonio is crowned with clouds.  There are palm trees in the foreground.
In the early morning Mount San Gorgonio is crowned with clouds. There are palm trees in the foreground.

The palm trees in the foreground illustrate how this is a quintessential Southern California scene, but not the Hollywood one most people envision when they think of our state.

The Redlands Bowl is an amazing outdoor amphitheater, and I have never really photographed it before. Yesterday I was admiring the architecture as it basked in the noon day soon, and felt inspired to take a few pictures.

People think it never snows in Southern California, but actually it does. The dilemma this winter is that we are experiencing a severe drought, and thus getting very little rain, which means there has not been much snow in the local mountains. There was a light rain on Thursday night, which mean the local mountains receiving a dusting of snow, but these peaks are usually heavily frosted around this time of year.

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  1. What a beautiful place! It makes me almost want to go there. But, of course, it is just an impulse. Because almost every place is beautiful if we know how to look. So it is your selection of these scenes, really, that gives them that special look of serenity and peace.

    1. Redlands is actually pretty to look at. We are not at all like Los Angeles, and have more trees. If someone does live in a city, it is an ideal one to live in because there is still shopping, but it is close enough to nature to not feel completely urban.

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