Getting A Head Start On The A to Z Challenge Posts And List

My past art projects.

 Earlier this month I had meant to start working on The A to Z Challenge, but finally this week I am  attempting to write blog posts in advance, and to start commenting on the list. I am working myself down the list by commenting on each person’s blog below me, but I just started with this goal yesterday. Also, I have finally got back to writing some of my A to Z posts in advance, but I am not sure I will get all twenty-six posts completed here, and the other ones of the blog Sweetbearies Art Photography, which is also participating in this challenge.

The theme for both of my blogs is just the theme that I always have for my blogs. Sweetbearies Art Photography is about how taking pictures is where I get the inspiration and reference photographs for my art projects, and this blog is about the art and crafting projects I create. I do not believe in having a set number of words for each blog post, and prefer to just create. Below is a collection of videos on YouTube of the art projects I have created over the years, so feel free to check these out. What kind of art projects or crafts do you enjoy creating?

I am participating with two blogs on the A to Z Challenge list with the goal of commenting on as many blogs as possible. However, I do not want to overlap commenting with two blogs on the same blog, and then missing others. Once my first blog meets up with the second blog on the list, I will have to skip around a bit. There are plenty of blogs on the A to Z Challenge to go around, and thus I could never run out of posts to comment on during the month of April. You can still sign-up for the A to Z Challenge if you need some motivation and goals for your blog. It is also a fun, yet albeit time consuming, way to meet a few new bloggers. But it is worth it! Are you ready for the challenge?