A Is For Art My Way

It is very fitting that the first letter of the first day of the A to Z Challenge is the letter A, especially since the title of this blog is Sweetbearies Art Tips.  So why is the blog called Sweetbearies Art Projects?  Years ago when I first created my blog Sweetbearies Art Tips, I was thinking of a good pen-name to use on that site.  I had used the screen-name Bearie23 for years, especially on Zazzle, so I wanted something to reflect that name, and my penchant for desserts, such as homemade apple pie.  I settled on the name Sweetbearies, which is how my moniker was born.

So what is this blog about anyway? Sweetbearies Art Projects documents how I create art projects that are for me, and things that truly inspire me.  Many artists are very talented at knowing how to create art that appeals to a large audience, but I have never been motivated by drawing something just because that item  might sell well. Actually, I enjoy drawing and painting palm trees and mountain landscapes, which are evocative of the scenes I see in my daily life.

Also, I enjoy creating cross stitch projects that I design myself, such as this heart design on plastic canvas mesh. Art my way is about creating what inspires me, and the icing on the cake just happens to be if others enjoy looking at my art as well.  So what kind of art do you enjoy the most?  Creating thing I enjoy is what I find to be truly motivating.

Cross Stitch Heart Design

Here is the heart cross stitch design that I created on plastic canvas mesh.

Designing my own cross stitch pieces is just one of the ways I like to create art my own way.