U Is For Looking Up And Coloring In The Sky

Today the letter U is for looking up and coloring in the sky.  Here are the sky portions of a few of the drawings I have created over the years.

Colored Pencil Drawing of Diamond  Head

For my colored pencil drawing of Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach I created a bright blue sky.

Framed Drawing of The Santa Fe Depot In Redlands

For my colored pencil drawing of the Santa Fe Depot in Redlands I created a light blue sky above the palm tree, which towers over the depot.

The Jack-o-Lantern Drawing

For my whimsical jack-o-lantern drawing I created a bronzey colored sky above the silver tinged terra firma.  Coloring in the sky in my illustrations always is very soothing because I can make long strokes with the colored pencil, and I find it to be more therapeutic than going on a shopping spree.