Creating A Shamrock Within A Shamrock Design

The shamrock within a ┬áshamrock design is verdant and lush for Saint Patrick’s Day.

This Saint Patrick’s Day composition consists of a shamrock within a shamrock design. Colored pencils are entertaining for creating original holiday themed designs, so grab a piece of paper and allow the imagination to traverse a bit. Colored pencil drawing is also a form of relaxation, and quite economical as well.

The shamrock design begins with a small golden green shamrock drawn within a slightly larger light green shamrock.
The optical illusion of shamrocks on top of shamrocks continues by using different shades of metallic green colored pencils to frame each shamrock with a larger one until the page is filled.
Bluish green, light green, golden green and dark green colored pencils were used to create the shamrock design.
The larger green shamrock was created by burnishing a light green and metallic gold colored pencils.
The shamrock design was finished off with a darker green shamrock expanding beyond the edges of the paper.

The video documents the creation of the shamrock design from start to finish.